With a massive concern of energy scarcity, climate change, circular economy, sustainability, and related pollution issues, industries need to adapt their processes and products to the new social demands. At D&M we work in science and technology towards the horizon of a sustainable chemical industry.

Our company develops science and technology in the field of Circular Economy and Green Chemistry for large multinational corporations, developing patents for third parties, as well as proprietary technology to be licensed.

Company history in brief

D&M was founded in 2004 to third party development of CO2 capture for AIP (Air independent Propulsion) systems in submarines.

In 2011, the propietary concept of a new technology for in-situ on-demand hydrogen generation for vehicles was developed and in 2012 the first patent was granted at the European Patent Office in Munich. 

Two years later, a multidisciplinary team (R&D, engineering, testing, etc…) joined D&M for working in different demo projects for third party or own technology. 

The second proprietary patent was granted in 2015, in the field of hydrogen generation. In the period of 2012 to 2022 a total of 4 third party patents were granted and the proprietary patents reach the number of 46 patents in 28 countries around 3 continents.


D&M is currently growing. We count on two european offices in Germany and Spain integrated into excellence science and innovation centers with more to come! Our iberian site, where it all started, is now the process development center. Our focus here is on environmental and chemical process development and technical support, for new processes and products in pollutant destruction and chemical/physical waste, water and gas emission valorization. Our site in Germany is mainly dedicated to the technical support of our Hydrogen generation brand METALIQ, and adaptation of this technology to a wide variety of applications.

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