Chemical Process Engineering

Process Development: Pilot plant design and start-up

Process improvements requires a deep study of its chemistry and physics prior to modify equipment set ups. Usually this kind of studies are not carried out and according the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChe) is the main cause of fatal accidents due to chemical runaways.

Drage & Mate offers the technical service for  detailed study of process chemistry and physics, laboratory process simulation in small capacity reactors and pilot plants design for continuous or batch processes.

Our especiality is in the field of Circular Economy, Green Chemistry and Clean Energy:

  • Risk process analysis (including SIL/SIS analysis)
  • Selection or design of special equipment and its provision
  • Instrumentation, control and automation of the complete process inclusing SIL levels
  • Design of monitoring systems, online sensors and analyzers
  • Preparation of operation and training manuals
  • Commissioning and start-up of new facilities

Semi-industrial testing

D&M has qualified personnel to carry out activities of testing:

  • Commissioning and operation of pilot plants
  • Planning and development of test plans(including Design of experiments DoE)
  • Staff training
  • Direct operation of pilot facilities
  • Renting of test facilities and analyzers
  • Preparation of results reports
  • Statistical analysis of experimental data
  • Preparation of hypotheses and validation of tests
  • Development of analytical methods for process control in testing phase (simulation)
  • Compliance with customer site specific Safety, Environment and applicable quality rules and regulations.

Documentation of processes and facilities

D&M can provide the service of documentation of existing processes and facilities coming from the on-site review and inspection. Said service may start from any existing information documents or partial documentation and containt as a reference:

  • Process analysis to establish installation configuration
  • Identification of Modes of operation, specifications and list of equipment, pipes… 
  • Operating sequences and any other specific characteristics
  • Preparation of operating manuals and procedures
  • Preparation of operator training manuals

Industrialization and Process scale-up

D&M has extensive experience in the industrial scaling-up of processes (starting from its conceptual development or on a laboratory scale). Our complete industrial scaling-up service is developed using our own methodology: QUICUX method. This methodology includes:

  • Analysis of input data and planning
  • Detailed description of the scope of the project
  • Literature review and consultation of databases prior to carrying out activity 
  • Carrying out the necessary tests to define the processto apply and simulate at micro scale
  • From this simulation, prototype design or pilot installation to validate the process on a semi-industrial scale and its subsequent scaled-up.
  • Development of the basic engineering once the process has been optimized.


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